Delorean Time Machine photo animation

Hop in the Delorean and travel thru time!

FLASH! your picture is taken in the future, another FLASH and you are send back to the dark ages.

We use futuristic technology to put the car in any setting you desire, without the use of a greenscreen. 

Your photo is instantly printed and will be a timeless souvenir of an awesome experience.


Time Machine VR experience

Give your guests a vision of the future.  Combine the Delorean with a Virtual Reality experience.  

Your guests put on the VR goggles and see the interior of the car.  

The date counters on the console start to change to the date you want them to time travel to.  The car accelerates and enters the light tunnel in time space continuüm.

Suddenly the car stops.  Your guests are transported to the future where you can show them your new products, facilities or services. 

Your guest will be totally immersed in the movie, meaning they can look around in the movie.  This will be an unforgettable experience.